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Feel the joy of token rewards from thousands of merchants worldwide.

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About us

ShopNEXT is an innovative Web3 app that helps you make money as you shop. With just a single app, you can shop and earn token rewards up to 30% from thousands of merchants worldwide, whether online or offline.

Our vision is to make the world of Web3 accessible to the masses through rewards that empowered by partnerships with Visa, Google Cloud and Binance Pay

How it works

Users can link any VISA cards to ShopNEXT mobile app and start to earn token rewards by shopping at millions VISA supported merchants. There are also in-app gameplay and a marketplace of NFT cards, which are used to boost earnings. With ShopNEXT, everyone can shop, play and earn all at the same time.

   Link a Visa card

All Visa cards are accepted. Link only once.

   Select a merchant

Select your favourite merchant and activate the deal.

   Pay with your card

Shop and pay with the linked card at merchant as normal.

   Earn token rewards

You can earn token rewards right after payment.

   Redeem rewards

Accumulate tokens for rewards redemption.

   Collect NFT cards

You can earn to up to 4x more rewards if you own NFT cards.


Partners & Vision

Empowered by partnerships with Visa, Google Cloud and Binance Pay , we want to solve the Web3 mass adoption puzzle by creating a disruptive onboarding model that leverages the best of commerce, loyalty programs and blockchain.

Millions of merchants
accept VISA

ShopNEXT Web3 Loyalty Platform supports most merchants that accept VISA card payments. We are working very hard with merchants to integrate deeper into their sales and marketing system to help them grow their businesses sustainably.


We introduce the first Shop-To-Earn model that boosts the shopping experience to the next level. Dual token model plays a critical role in ShopNEXT ecosystem. While $STE is the reward token, $NEXT plays a role as the loyalty token. Both tokens have utilities.

Loyalty Token

Token Name NEXT


Blockchain BSC
Token Type Loyalty
Total Token Supply 100,000,000

Reward Token

Token Name STE


Blockchain BSC
Token Type Reward
Total Token Supply Unlimited

Token Utilities

How we sustain

We are building a win-win collaboration among all parties and have 2 main revenue sources:
+ In-app engagement: transaction fee from the marketplace, NFT card boosting, recharging and redemption.
+ Sales commission: from merchants and card issuers.

100% profit from the sales commision will be sent to the EPR (External Profit Reserve) to back all STE tokens issued on the market to make sure every STE has an intrinsic value that is generated by our users through their shopping.

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